What Our Families Are Saying

We believe we provide the best holistic living experience for seniors with memory impairment, but don’t just take our word for it.


We have lived at Governor’s Glen for more than two years now. It is not the plan we had for our golden years but; you have to play the hand you are dealt and do the best you can. At the start of our time at Governor’s Glen my wife was not happy to be here and I was not happy about having to make the difficult choice to bring her here. While my wife can be difficult at times, Dementia is hard to deal with, the staff went to work and she soon had friends.

I seldom miss a day to visit and I have found the facilities to be clean and due to some recent remodeling it is even brighter. The residents and my wife are properly dressed, clean and checked regularly to be sure they stay clean and comfortable. Meal times is a show that I won’t try to describe and it can test the patience of staff and the family members that often show up to help feed their loved ones. However; when meal time is over everyone is well fed, cleaned up and ready for whatever entertainment is available.

If you ask a crowd at Church or your favorite club to hold up a hand if they would someday like to reside in the Memory Care section of any facility, I think a nasty look is the best you will get. But; if that is the itland your family is dealt, Governors Glen is a good choice for your family and for your loved one in need of care.

Mr. Smith

My wife has been at Governor’s Glen memory Care & assisted living since July 3, 2017. During this time I have had the opportunity to observe the staff and those that are doing the clean up, maintenance,and the workers that take care of the people that are living at this location. I have recommended Governors Glen to people on three (3) occasions. My reason for this is that the staff and workers appears to be happy and has a very great understanding of their particular duties. 

They are very friendly and will go out of their way to help not only those that are living here but help people that comes in visiting the facility They really care for their guests that are living at Governors Glen.I have spoken with Mrs. Laura Murray and Ms. Tina on about many subjects and they always give me answers or will find they answers for me.A great place to have a love one here that will not only enjoy but be happy at the same time.If I were to give a grade on Governor’s Glen it would be a* A* .