What Our Families Are Saying

We believe we provide the best holistic living experience for seniors with memory impairment, but don’t just take our word for it. Read testimonials from current residents and family members alike.


When approached by the staff at Governor’s Glen to give a testimony about my mother’s experience here, I was simply delighted. I could only reflect back to the day when a decision was made by my husband and I to move my mother to an Assisted Living Facility. Throughout the past year in 2018, my mother experienced several episodes of syncope and falls. I was alarmed every time I received a phone call from my dad, that something drastic had occurred. As a result, I knew that it was important to make sure that my mother received the best possible care.

My mother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2012. I would transport her to and from the Neurologist to insure that she was receiving the proper care and medication for her condition. It was hard for me to experience this with my mother, being that she was a highly educated women of Spelman College and a proud retired Educator of the Atlanta Public Schools. However, I knew that it was left up to me to make sure that she was taken care of. In turn, my mother has always been my rock and support system throughout my entire life. Therefore, I was determined to be at her side no matter what the situation would be.

In 2006, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had a vasectomy on her right breast to remove the cancer. Throughout her cancer treatments, she always remained positive and strong, even when she wasn’t feeling her best. We even made trips to the wig store prior to her chemo sessions, to prepare in her losing her hair. Through it all, she remained steadfast and determined to get through her breast cancer. In 2016, on the last visit to the Oncologist, she was given the good news that she was “Cancer Free” and no longer needed to continue taking her medication. At that point, she was very excited and we celebrated having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.

On February 13, 2018, ironically on the 23rd anniversary of my brother’s death, I stopped by my parent’s home to visit. As I opened the kitchen door, I could see my dad lying in the floor, unable to speak clearly. I could still visualize my mother sitting in her wheelchair unable to be of help and crying in distress. At that point, I knew I had to make some changes in the care of both my mother and father. My dad was transported to the hospital and spent a week in the hospital recovering from dehydration. As a result, I stayed with my mother that week, with the support of my husband and a family friend to help care for my mother.

On February 19, 2018, my husband and I moved my mother in Governor’s Glen Memory Care & Assisted Living Community. It was a hard decision to make, but a great one. I was greeted during my tour a few days prior, by staff member Andrew. He explained that this was a great facility and I would be pleased. He also stated that my mother would make improvements while in the care of experienced and certified staff at Governor’s Glen. At that point, I became more comfortable and assertive that this was the best fit for my mother, having visited several facilities throughout the Atlanta area.

During the first month of stay at Governor’s Glen, my mother was very depressed. She was unable to eat and was survived by drinking liquid nutritional supplements three times a day. She was very underweight and had no desire to participate in many of the daily activities provided by the facility. She was placed on Hospice in March 2018, to provide additional support physically, emotionally and spiritually. The choice of hospice was left up to me at that time. As a result, I chose a Hospice provider my family had used in the past, with my grandfather. As the months passed, I was contacted by staff to consider using an onsite Hospice provider at Governor’s Glen. After careful consideration, I decided to make the change.

Currently, my mother is receiving the best possible care at Governor’s Glen. She is actively involved in daily actives at the facility. She is also able to eat regular meals and is encouraged to feed herself independently. The Hospice Staff Southern Grace, provides outstanding daily care and support to my mother on a round the clock basis. I can always expect a positive phone call from the nurse, social worker and chaplain on a frequent basis. By this, I am more confident that my mother is receiving the best possible care. Nevertheless, Mrs. Laura and Bree are always providing me with videos of my mother making progression, especially through walking and dancing.

In closing, I feel that I serve as an advocate for my mother through her prognosis. She raised me to be respectful and spiritual in all things that I do. When I visit her, I want to continue to make her proud of the daughter she raised me to be. She still serves as my mentor in all aspects in life, especially through my daily profession as a teacher. She motivates me to stay focus and carry out all duties and responsibilities professionally. Therefore, I will continue to praise God and know that all things are possible. I will also carry with me the Serenity Prayer that my mother always taught me to say:

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Nevertheless, I have accepted my mother’s condition and feel that through it all I will continue to have courage and wisdom to know that I made the best decision concerning her care.


We have lived at Governor’s Glen for more than two years now. It is not the plan we had for our golden years but; you have to play the hand you are dealt and do the best you can. At the start of our time at Governor’s Glen my wife was not happy to be here and I was not happy about having to make the difficult choice to bring her here. While my wife can be difficult at times, Dementia is hard to deal with, the staff went to work and she soon had friends.

I seldom miss a day to visit and I have found the facilities to be clean and due to some recent remodeling it is even brighter. The residents and my wife are properly dressed, clean and checked regularly to be sure they stay clean and comfortable. Meal times is a show that I won’t try to describe and it can test the patience of staff and the family members that often show up to help feed their loved ones. However; when meal time is over everyone is well fed, cleaned up and ready for whatever entertainment is available.

If you ask a crowd at Church or your favorite club to hold up a hand if they would someday like to reside in the Memory Care section of any facility, I think a nasty look is the best you will get. But; if that is the itland your family is dealt, Governors Glen is a good choice for your family and for your loved one in need of care.

Mr. Smith

My wife has been at Governor’s Glen memory Care & assisted living since July 3, 2017. During this time I have had the opportunity to observe the staff and those that are doing the clean up, maintenance,and the workers that take care of the people that are living at this location. I have recommended Governors Glen to people on three (3) occasions. My reason for this is that the staff and workers appears to be happy and has a very great understanding of their particular duties. 

They are very friendly and will go out of their way to help not only those that are living here but help people that comes in visiting the facility They really care for their guests that are living at Governors Glen.I have spoken with Mrs. Laura Murray and Ms. Tina on about many subjects and they always give me answers or will find they answers for me.A great place to have a love one here that will not only enjoy but be happy at the same time.If I were to give a grade on Governor’s Glen it would be a* A* .