Q: What is assisted living? Is it the same as a nursing home?

A: Assisted living combines housing, supportive services, social activities and health care that are designed to meet the needs of seniors who need help with daily activities. It is different than a nursing home because it doesn’t provide complex medical or nursing care.

Q:  What does Governor’s Glen provide for my loved one?

A: We provide meals and snacks, housekeeping, assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting and walking. We also provide access to medical services for all our residents and short-term care visitors, in addition to 24-hour staffing within a secured environment. Even further, our staff covers medication management and laundry services as well as social and recreational activities.

Q:  How is Governor’s Glen different from other assisted living communities?

A: We provide all of the same services as other assisted living homes, but we only care for residents with memory impairment.

Q: Does Governor’s Glen allow memory impaired residents with any cultural background?

A: Absolutely! We welcome residents of all faiths, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds.

Q: Does Governor’s Glen plan activities for the residents?

A: Yes, we provide daily programs that incorporate exercise and current events. Our activities include artistic creativity as well as spiritual, social, and intellectual stimulation. We also welcome family members to make recommendations to our activities director.

Q: Does Governor’s Glen provide senior apartments?

A: No. Since all of our residents have some form of memory impairment, we provide private and semi-private rooms, but not apartments.

Q: My parent is a war veteran. Are there any financial benefits for veterans when living at Governor’s Glen?

A: Yes. This benefit is set up for veterans and their surviving spouse. We are happy to provide more information on who qualifies and how to apply for aid.

Q: Will Governor’s Glen provide my parent with assistance taking his or her medications?

A: Yes. We provide medication maintenance for all residents who take medications. We use a local pharmacy and their bubble wrap system for accuracy.

Q: Can we use our own furniture, or do you provide furniture? Can we decorate the room?

A: We do not provide furnished rooms, except for our adult day and short-term stay programs. Our rooms can accommodate a twin or full-size bed, along with average sizes and amounts of other furnishings. Please feel free to decorate your room with personal touches, like photos. We want this to feel and look like home.

Q: My parent has dementia and still lives at home with me and my family. When we go on vacation, does Governor’s Glen have a respite care program we can use?

A: Yes, we do. Please call and ask for the community relations coordinator for a tour and specific information.

Q: Does Governor’s Glen have specific visiting hours for family and friends?

A: No. We do not restrict visiting hours and welcome visitors at any time.

Q: Can the chef accommodate special nutritional requirements?

A: Yes. We request all nutritional information prior to move-in, including medically necessary food requirements as well as food preferences, so the chef is prepared.

Q: We need to move my parent into an assisted living community within the next two weeks. Is this OK?

A: Absolutely. Please call our community relations coordinator and we will start the process immediately.

Q: How can I arrange for a tour at Governor’s Glen?

A: You can email us a form by clicking here, you can drop by Governor’s Glen and ask to speak with the community relations coordinator, or you can call us at 404-362-0404.